PhoneGap or Cordova? Don’t confuse and tell me the differences!

I am an App developer. And I confess that I am big advocate of Hybrid Apps paradigm. Long back I wrote a blog post

As a Developer why should I worry about Hybrid Application Development?

Simply to create an App, I used to follow below steps,


As you see PhoneGap was something very essential and my best friend to create Cross-Platform apps. But suddenly I found one day PhoneGap.js has been changed to something Coredova.js. What the heck is this?

Did my best friend change name? Or do I need to make friendship with someone new? I was confused and decided to get rid of this confusion.

I found a blog posts on Adobe site which clarifies many of my doubt PhoneGap, Cordova, and what’s in a name? So essentially in this blog post author’s view can be expressed in below steps,


PhoneGap and Cordova is a framework (They are same with different name). They provide you set of API to work with devices on different platforms. Using them you can access native device functions such as camera or contact using JavaScript functions.

PhoneGap build is a Build Service allows you to build and package you app in cloud. You do not need to install any SDK locally to build app.


PhoneGap get distributed using Apache Cordova. Now let us get it straight,


You can summarize that current open source code base (both known as PhoneGap or Cordova) will be free always and distributed by Apachae. In future Adobe may add more values to current codebase and will be branded as PhoneGap. One may have to pay for that. One of the example is PhoneGap Build Service.

PhoneGap Build is service provided by Adobe which allows you to build your app in the cloud. You do not need to install any SDK locally.


Apache Cordova is free open source. It allows you to create mobile apps native to platforms using web technologies.

PhoneGap mobile application development framework is same as Apache Cordova or rather two names of same framework.


However PhoneGap Services will be own by Adobe and may not be open source. But Apache cordova will be always opensource and free.

I hope now you have some clarification on PhoneGap and Cordova myth. Thanks for reading.

17 thoughts on “PhoneGap or Cordova? Don’t confuse and tell me the differences!

  1. Hi!
    want to access a website which is hosted in private network. My Device having a internet connection also. What it happen it trying to loading the page after a time it shows me WEBPAGE NOT AVAILABLE. kindly let me know what should step be taken to sort out this problem?


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