3 Saturdays — 5 Talks: My Speaking Engagement for November

November is month of excitement. And I am very excited for next three Saturday of November. I will be speaking in three different events on four different topics. I will present 4 different topics to three different audiences. I will cover following topics,

  • Hybrid Mobile App development
  • Knockout.js
  • Node.js
  • Patterns in JavaScript


My sessions are around Delhi/NCR. Below are details of the events.

Mentor at Nohup hackathon

Read more about Nohup at below URL,


This is two days hackathon and I will be there as mentor. I am very excited to present here in front of energetic developers.


I will present on Cross Platform Mobile Application development using Icenium.

C-SharpCorner Delhi Chapter

Read more about C-SharpCorner Delhi chapter at below link,


On 23rd November I will be presenting on two topics in C-Sharpcorner Delhi Chapter meet. Topics are as follows

  1. Knockout.js
  2. Node.js

There are four speakers and four different sessions in this event. You can register for the event here



Join Facebook group of the chapter here,


And register for the event here,


Barcamp Delhi 2013 Winter Edition

Read more about Barcamp Delhi here at below link,


In this event I will speak on two different topics (1 is confirmed and second one is yet not confirmed). This event is on 30th November 2013 in SAP Lab Gurgaon.

There are two tracks with 10 different sessions in the event. I will present on

  1. Knockout.js
  2. Patterns in JavaScript

Find full agenda below,


So I am excited for next three Saturdays of November. See you in all or one of the events.

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