Organised and Presented at June meeting of C-Sharp Corner Delhi Chapter

Yes we done that. It was third event in row (April, May, June) when we organised C-Sharp Corner Delhi Chapter Meet with more than 100 attendees. We did June month meeting on 22nd June in Noida and once again we had more than 100 audience.

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We followed following agenda. Suchit Khanna and Brij Mishra was impeccable as speaker. Big thanks to core members Pravin Kumar, Dinesh beniwal and Amlendu Dey for their unconditional support.



We started day with LINQ. This session lasted for around 2 Hrs. I discussed in detail about LINQ to audience. I touched upon following topics,

  1. LINQ to Object
  2. Implicit Type Local variable
  3. Object Initializer
  4. Collection Initializer
  5. LINQ to SQL
  6. Executing SP and SQL Query in LINQ
  7. Remote and Local execution in LINQ
  8. Logging in LINQ
  9. CRUD operation in LINQ
  10. Conflict resolution in LINQ




After my session Brij discussed about ASP.NET MVC and then further Suchit Khanna enlightened audience with ASP.NET Web API.

You can see happy faces at end of event.




Our next event is on 20th July. If you want to be member of the chapter then feel free to join here

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