WCF Day: Revisiting

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18TH May 2013 was great Summer Saturday in Delhi. It was around 85 to 90 developers in one packed room to learn WCF. Developers were from various companies and organizations with experience varying from 1 years to 10 years. This event was organized by Mindcracker Delhi Chapter


We started day with formal introduction and slowly move to various topics of WCF. In WCF day we talked about following topics,

Lab 1:  Write First WCF Service

  1. Creating first WCF Service
  2. Configuring EndPoints
  3. Working with different Bindings
  4. Configuring multiple EndPoints
  5. Working with different Hosting option
  6. Consuming in different clients

Lab 2:  Working with Data Contract

  1. Understanding  Data Contract and Serialization
  2. Data Contract Attributes
  3. Data Contract hierarchy
  4. Data Contract versioning
  5. Working with Collections
  6. Exposing CRUD operation as service

Lab 3:  Working with Fault and Exception

  1. Error isolation and decoupling
  2. Fault propagation
  3. Fault Contracts
  4. Fault and call backs
  5. Working with errors

Lab 4: Security in Service

  1. Authentication
  2. Authorization
  3. Transport level security
  4. Message level security

Lab 5: Instance management in WCF

  1. Per call service
  2. Per session service
  3. Singleton service

Whole day audience were interacting at top level. Even they refused to take break from sessions. Everyone was learning , coding and trying their hands on WCF.


I thank Suchit Khanna and Brij Mishra for their support as speaker. They both were tremendous in delivering and teaching WCF.


Our next event is on 22nd June. To get information about events Join Mindcracker Delhi Chapter here

View Photos from Event here

I hope WCF day was useful. See you soon with another technology on 22nd June.

2 thoughts on “WCF Day: Revisiting

  1. Hi sir,
    I also attended this session. This was an opportunity to learn wcf from industry experts. The session was design in a way to help beginner and intermediate level wcf programmer.

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