Setting up CouchDB on Windows 8

In this post we will take a look on downloading and setting up CouchDB on Windows8. In this post I will not discuss various concepts of CouchDB rather I will show you step by step installation and creating your first CouchDB database. In further posts we will go into details of various aspects of CouchDB


To start with download CouchDB installer from here. Choose Windows from all the given options.


After successful download installation will start. We need to follow the screens to install CouchDB.


In next screen accept agreement and click on Next.


Choose location to install CouchDB


In this screen give shortcut name and click on Next to proceed further.


We want to install CouchDB as Windows Service. So select both options and click on Next to proceed further.


Next confirm all the settings of CouchDB installation and click on Install to install it. After successful installation you should get following window.


Testing installation and creating first database

To test that whether we successfully installation of CouchDB navigate to

In browser you will find replications and users information.


Click on Create Database to create a new CouchDB database. Give desired name of database and click on Create.


After successful creation of database you will find database listed in Recent Databases section.


To add one document in database click on create New Document. After successful creation of document you will find _id and _rev attribute or document has been set.


In this way we can setup CouchDB on a Windows environment. In further posts we will get into details of various CouchDB aspects. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Setting up CouchDB on Windows 8

  1. Couch db is most suitable for what type of application development and it it free?

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