Speaking on Access Data in .Net: Understating different ORM and Services

Hello readers I am excited to inform you that on this Saturday 23rd Feb 2013 I am presenting on Access Data in .Net for Mindcrcaker Chapter Meet event Pizza, Tea and Code

Register and Find full details of event here

If you are in Noida and want to learn from experts with slice of Pizza then you may want to join in. This is a free event and any one can join in.

I will focus on demo oriented session and do demos on

  • Working with LINQ
  • Working with ADO.Net Entity Model
  • Working with Telerik Open Access ORM
  • Comparisons of different ORM
  • Working with WCF Data Service
  • Creating Data Services with Telerik Open Access ORM
  • Working with SQL Azure data

Event will be held on in Sector 63 Noida in Mindcrcaker Office.

Register for the event here

Find full information about event here

I hope to see you there on Saturday.

Published by

Dhananjay Kumar

Dhananjay Kumar is Developer Evangelist for Infragistics. He is a 8 times Microsoft MVP and well respected Developer Advocate in India.He is the author of 900+ Blog Posts, and can often be found speaking around India at conferences and hosting free workshops for programmers across the country. So far, he has hosted 60 free workshops on various topics like JavaScript, Angular, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Azure etc. Follow him on twitter @debug_mode for all the updates about his blog posts and workshops. You can send him email at debugmode [at] outlook [dot] com

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