Data Binding In WPF


Here in this tutorial we are going to bind data from a collection (LIST) to XAML. We are going to display
Image, Name, Age and Email id of a Person.

Step 1

Open Visual Studio 2008; create a New Project as WPF application. Give this name as Display.
Step 2

Add a business logic class. Right click in solution explorer then add a new class called Person

namespace Display{public partial class Window1 : Window{
public Window1(){
List<Person> persons = new
new Person{Name=“Anuska Sharama”,Age=21,Email=“”,Image=“anuska.jpg”},
new Person {Name=“Asin”,Age=26,Email=“”,Image=“asin.jpg”},
new Person{Name=“Deepika”,Age=25,Email=“”,Image=“deepika.jpg”}
} } }}

 Step 3
Now it is time to write XAML code and bind collection persons to List of XAML.Create a Listbox in XAML as follows

<ListBox x:Name=”list1″>

Name it as list1. Then bind this list1 to collection persons. So again go to


file and add this line of code after creating collection persons

list1.ItemsSource = persons;
list1.ItemsSource = persons;

Step 4

Now add a Item Template and Data template inside listbox in xaml file. Bind images to List box . Now again add Stack panel with orientation Vertical. Then add three labels to display Name, age and email.

Complete Xaml code will look like

<Window x:Class=”Display.Window1″


Title=”Window1″ Height=”300″ Width=”300″>

 <ListBox x:Name=”list1″>


<StackPanel Orientation=”Horizontal”>

<Image Source=”{Binding Image}” Height=”100″ Stretch=”UniformToFill” />
<StackPanel Orientation=”Vertical”>
<Label FontFamily=”Tahoma” FontSize=”20″ Content=”{Binding Name}” />
<Label FontFamily=”Tahoma” FontSize=”20″ Content=”{Binding Age}” />
<Label FontFamily=”Tahoma” FontSize=”20″ Content=”{Binding Email}” />
Run the code to get the desired output.
Happy Coding

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