Fault Contract’1 was unhandled by user code: Solved

For a training purpose I was trying a basic demo on fault contract in WCF and to be surprised I Got below error while throwing FaultException.


It’s not that 1st time I was working on Fault Contract but this error was irritating. After some investigation I found there was some issue in visual studio 2013 setting. So to solve this in Visual Studio go to Tools->Options.

In General tab from Debugging section uncheck following options,

  • Enable the exception assistant
  • Enable Just My Code
  • image

    Changes in Visual Studio setting should solve the problem. Keep in mind that above error can occur due to other reasons also. Visual setting debugging option may be one way to solve above said error. I hope you find it useful. Thanks for reading.

    Publish WCF Service in Local IIS on Visual Studio 2013

    Long back I wrote a blog post Step by Step hosting WCF Service in IIS 7.5 . In this post I used Visual Studio 2012 as I remember. Today I was trying to host WCF in local IIS in Visual Studio 2013 and found it is surprisingly easy to host WCF Service in IIS 2013 in Visual Studio 2013.

    Let us assume you have created a WCF Service. Now to publish it in local IIS right click on project and from context menu select Properties.

    In Properties select Web tab. In Web tab from Servers drop down select local IIS.


    Next click on Package/Publish Web tab and from Items to deploy drop down select Only Files Needed to run this application.


    Now when you press F5 and run application WCF Service will be hosted in local IIS.


    As you see now hosting in IIS is super easy. I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.