Conducted C# Day at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management for professors and lecturers


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Nothing can be much satisfying than gaining an experience beyond books. Making room for the new literacies has always made my teachings interactive. To nurture it further, I conducted one day workshop on C# and LINQ at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida.

With the advance in software technology and its adoption by the industry it has become essential for the faculties to develop a pace. This one day workshop conducted my me will make them aware of the new technologies and will provide them an exposure to advances.

It all started with my introduction and industry experience. It was then followed by the Thank you speech by Mr. Rajeev Agarwal, Director.

The participants were awestruck and engaged throughout the session. Also, the attendees were curious to solve their queries which will bridge the gap of their doubts. The sessions also invited the ideas and suggestions on existing learning techniques and software development.

This workshop will impart structured and constructive thinking to the faculties which will soon get conveyed to the students for their better understanding and vision.

The participants found insights of various programmes and topics related to C#. The feedback given by the participants about the entire program was encouraging. The information delivered was well absorbed by all. With this positive note, the faculty members wish to experience such kind of program in near future which will again aid them with software essentials.
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Thank you ‘Yourstory’ for covering my story

I have always been in a continuous race to learn and let people learn by my work and experience. Though getting recognized is just another way to boost the confidence of the rising talents. I thank the team of ‘YourStory’ and Ms. Shraddha Sharma @sharmashradha for covering my unsung background and struggle. It was indeed an astounding experience to share my story with them.

I am grateful to my mentors, Mr. Mahesh Chand, Mr. Pinal Dave and Mr. Gaurav Mantri who have always guided me move through issues. Also I would like to thank my international mentors, Mr. Glenn Block, Mr. Dan Wahlin, Mr. Stephen Forte and Ms. Julie Lerman who have incredibly supported me over my past years.
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Conducted a Faculty Development Programme at ACME Engineering College

Technology has its own mind. It evolves with the threading of wisdom and society that leads to a development of a civilization. I always strive to educate the determined group of people who wish to see the change in the existing society. Following the same league, I conducted a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on 4th July 2014 at ACME Engineering College, Ghaziabad which updated them with the knowledge beyond books.


As a Tech blogger, it becomes my humble responsibility to educate them with latest changes. The programme conducted by me assisted the Engineering faculty to know about the latest developments made in the field of technology in recent. WCF Services and Cross Platform Mobile Application Development were the key topics that were exchanged in a vibrant way which was beyond an everyday classroom experience


This Faculty Development Programme aimed to equip teachers with skills and knowledge that are essential for inculcating entrepreneurial values in students and guiding them their progress towards professionalism.

With an overwhelming response, Ms. Garima Singh, Head and Senior Faculty said, “It is an excellent experience to learn the essentials of the industry. We will definitely incorporate this learning in our syllabi. Also, we are looking forward to conduct Student Development Programme in near future”


Another faculty member, Ms. Alpika Gupta explained, “Experience of getting knowledge about Web Application Development was really interesting. Certainly it will benefit our students and faculty as well to learn about the basics of Database and Communication Services


I believe in providing an active learning environment to engage and to analyze the process which will help the programmers and developers to collaborate better with the constant development taking place in the world of science.

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Speaking on Node.js for .NET developers at #CSharpConf14

I will be speaking at C-SharpCorner Annual Conference in Delhi. This is one of the largest conference for software developers in North India. This is fourth edition of this conference and it has been hosted by largest community site for software developers


You have an opportunity to learn latest of technologies from best international speakers at this event on 12th April 2014 in Delhi/NCR. Venue of event is Radisson Blu Hotel Ghaziabad. H3, Sector 14. Kaushambi Ghaziabad 201010 Uttar Pradesh [Near to Kaushambi Metro station]. There are 18 sessions from 15 different speakers will be delivered at the conference.

In this conference I will present on Node.js for .NET developers. In 45 minutes of talk I will start from as basic as creating a simple web server using NodeJS and end my session with creating a REST API using NODEJS.


I am excited to see you at the north India largest conference for software developers on 12th April.

Microsoft MVP Award: 5th Times in Row



It is 5th times in a row that Microsoft awarded me as “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional”. I have been a Microsoft MVP since 1st April 2010 and getting it 5th times consecutively is matter of motivation and pride for me.

Learn more about Microsoft MVP award here

First time I was awarded in Connected System Developer expertise. I got awarded under this category mainly for my contributions in WCF, REST, WCF Data Service, Web API ODATA etc. Later Microsoft renamed CSD as Microsoft Integration. So I was Microsoft Integration/CSD MVP for 4th times.

This time I have been awarded in ASP.NET/IIS and I am excited seeing this. Looking forward to contribute under this expertise.

Last year my contribution (Jan 2013 – December 2013) was as follows,


Number of Blog Post: 109

Number of Speaking: 28

I am motivated after awarded 5th times and looking forward to help you more with my blog posts and speaking. Feel free to reach me at


Thanks Note

MVP was never possible without support of and Mahesh Chand . Aspired to be part of our site and community always.

I would take this opportunity to thank my seniors from India Pinal Dave and Gaurav Mantri for their continuous support. Also special thanks to my international friends Glenn Block Julie Lerman and Dan Wahlin for their continuous motivation.

Last but not least thank you so much Brij Mishra Amit C Suchit Khanna Tanmay Kapoor and Satyaprakash for always being there.

Last but not least thank you so much Stephen Forte . In all my 28 speaking, I did last year I tried (unsuccessfully) copying your style. Aspired to elicit positive energy and enthusiasm like you whenever I go.

In this year I will focus on Windows Azure, Node, JavaScript, Backend Services and various JS libraries.

Thank you God bless all!

Chance to get free Access to Dan Wahlin AngularJS jump start course worth 60$

Winners will be announced on 3rd April 2014 Thursday at 8 am IST

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Dan Wahlin is well known blogger and speaker and he has been teaching us various technologies for several years now. You must have seen his many courses on HTML, JQuery, and JavaScript, AngularJS etc. on Pluralsight . Recently he published jump start course on AngularJS on

You can find detail of course here .

This course is broken down into 6 modules with each module providing source code. Six modules are as follows,

  1. AngularJS – The Big Picture
  2. Views, Directives and Filters
  3. Controllers, Scope and Modules
  4. Routing
  5. Services and Factories
  6. Animation

You can find more information about course here and can buy also.

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Now I have a good news that Dan was very kind to give me 10 free access to this course. You may get free access to course in either of below mentioned three ways.

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Winners will be announced on 3rd April 2014 Thursday at 8 am IST. Good luck J

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Presented in Cloud Computing Bootcamp in Udaipur

Read official recap of event here

On 1st February 2014 I had an opportunity to present on Cross Platform Mobile Application Development to developers and students of royal city Udaipur.



Udaipur is historical city of India and 700 km South West of Delhi. It is not a favourite software destination and get very few events on App development etc. So I saw this an opportunity to create awareness among developers and student of this city and get to connect with them in person.

I sincerely thank Gaurav Mantri , entrepreneur and Windows Azure MVP from Udaipur to suggest me as speaker and special thanks to Piyush Javeria HOD of Techno India NJR Computer Science department. Last but not least thank to Shakti Singh for great hospitality.

It was a full day event packed with 150+ students and developers. First half of the day was based on cloud and Windows Azure. It was presented by Gaurav Mantri. He made buzz word Cloud a simple technology to understand for audience. There were astronomical questions during the session and a satisfactory smile was on all faces after the session. I never thought someone can make Cloud and Windows Azure this much easy to understand in mere 3 hours. Great work done by Gaurav Mantri.


Second half was assigned to me. In this session I tried to motivate audience to DISCOVER BEST IN YOU. I started with normal talk for 30 minutes and then talked about Cross Platform App Development. So my session was divided in two parts.

First part I did a motivation kind of talk. We talk about 45 minutes how to bring best of ourselves. There were jokes, motivational stories etc in first half.

Second part was focused on technical talk. I covered how to create Cross Platform Apps using Telerik App Builder and HTML 5.


Last but not least a special thanks to motivated, self-driven and highly energetic audience. I had fun time presenting here. I hope some of attendees are motivated to create Cross Platform Apps or explore Windows Azure further.


Once again special thanks to Techno NGR Knowledge Campus and its director Mr Vyas. I would conclude by saying great work by Piyush HOD of CS department and team. Gaurav Mantri thanks for facilitating this event.


I hope I was useful to students and developers of Udaipur. Looking forward for another event and speaking there. Thanks!