Hosting (74th Free) workshop in Chandigarh on AngularJS and Repository Pattern in MVC.

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In June last year, I hosted a workshop on AngularJS in beautiful city Chandigarh. I was overwhelmed seeing self-motivated and energetic developers attending the event. It’s their love and continuous request on various social media channel that I am excited to back again.


Yes, I am hosting 5 Hrs. session on AngularJS and Repository Pattern in Chandigarh on 31st January. As always, I will represent Infragistics and whole show is managed by

Event will be hosted in Kisan Bhawan Sector 35A, Chandigarh starting at 9 AM and as always it is FREE to attend.

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I will be taking two sessions,

Building MVC Application using Repository Pattern (60 minutes)

  • Introducing Repository Pattern
  • Introducing Dependency Injection
  • Creating application using Repository Pattern

AngularJS in a Nutshell (150 minutes)

  • What is AngularJS
  • Controller and controller as syntax
  • $scope and $rootScope
  • Filter and custom filter
  • Routing
  • Services in AngulrJS
  • Provider in AngularJS
  • Service(), Provider(), Factory(), value() and constant()
  • Unit Testing in AngularJS using Jasmine and Karma
  • Getting started with Directives
  • Scopes in directives
  • Components in AngularJS
  • Angular JS project structure

I am very excited for upcoming Chandigarh session. I am sure we will become better developer together. Once again to reiterate some important points about event is given below:

  1. Its absolutely FREE to attend
  2. Venue is : Kisan Bhawan Sector 35A, Chandigarh
  3. Registration starts at 9 AM.

Register for FREE to attend the event

Hosted Step by Step ASP.NET MVC workshop for beginners

Each month on the behalf of Infragistics , I host at least one Infragistics Day for the community. Infragistics days are free to attend and we cover various topics such as AngularJS, MVC, JavaScript, WCF, C# etc.


On 17th January 2015, I hosted Infragistics Hours in C# Corner Noida office. I this, we did a step by step workshop on ASP.NET MVC. This workshop was targeted to beginners. Five hours workshop was attended by around 80 developers. In the workshop, we covered following topics,

  • What is MVC
  • Understanding Controllers , Actions, and Child Actions
  • Understanding Models
  • Understanding Views
  • Understanding Routings
  • Performing CRUD operation using the database first approach
  • Integrating Ignite UI in ASP.NET MVC


Looking forward to host more such events. See you in next event.

How I did in 2015?


I procrastinate, hence this blog post is 12 days late. Nevertheless, I wish Happy New Year to each one of you. May you get best of the life in 2016. Many of us don’t like to read long stories and enjoy reading data in all possible ways. For data lovers here is the summary in a tabular form. However, I strongly request you to read the full story in your sweet time.

Where I was working


My Work


For me 2015 has been an ok year. Neither anything exceptional nor any fatal bad event did happen in 2015. I took 2015 on a day to day basis.

Did not enjoy as corporate Trainer

I started as a freelancer corporate trainer in January 2015 and could survived as a trainer merely for three months. It is a different kind of competition, trainer community, and vendor eco system. I did around 10 trainings in 3 months, however I realized that I don’t belong to there. I love to teach but certainly I am not a trainer. In three months, I did trainings for following clients-

  • Accenture
  • FactSet
  • Polaris Software

I will keep seeking opportunity to host workshop and teach developers, however not as so called corporate trainer. Life is too short to do the stuff you don’t enjoy, isn’t it?

Resumed as Developer Evangelist at Infragistics

I am a Developer Evangelist by instinct and aspired to enable developers all across the globe.


It was April afternoon when I met inspiring Jaosn Beres in one of the posh Delhi hotel. We talked about my career aspirations, strong and weak points etc. During our conversation, Jason asked me – why don’t you represent Infragistics as an evangelist in developer community? He added, you work hard and I will make the path for you to become Infragistics global evangelist. It was an offer, I could not resist. I said YES then and there.

I was Telerik evangelist till April 2014. I confess, for a year I missed being an evangelist. Teaching developers, conducing workshops, hosting webinars, and moreover enabling developers to take right decisions on the products. Jaosn offer gave breath to dying evangelist in me.

I was once again DEVELOPER EVANGELIST of Infragistics starting April 2015. Being an evangelist from April to December for the developers,

  • I wrote 36 articles on various topics like AngularJS, JavaScript, MVC, AZURE
  • I hosted 9 free webinars
  • I delivered 11 talks in various conferences and user group events.

Find recording of all the webinars here

Read all the articles here

I love to be an evangelist, and I am been doing it once again. I will focus on web based products like Ignite UI. I look forward to add more values for Infragistics Developer community in 2016.

Community rocks


With help of C-SHARPCORNER COMMUNITY and my personal blog, I have been teaching developers all across the country. I don’t charge to attend my workshops. A thousands of developers attend my workshop, sessions, and Infragistics day. In 2015, I focused mainly on Azure, AngularJS, JavaScript, MVC and Ignite UI.

  • I wrote 63 articles
  • I hosted 14 workshop/session
  • Hosted one session in Mathura village for school students

Looking Forward in 2016

I am very excited about 2016 and I am sure it is going be bigger and better. I look forward to add more values to Infragistics developer community as an Evangelist, to my blog readers by writing quality posts, and doing more sessions/workshop for C-sharpcorner chapter community.

I may become more ambitious also, and why to discard own Startup? ;) Good luck everyone. Have a great 2016.

Thanks for attending workshop on AngularJS at Infragistics Day

You can view photos from of Infragistics Day here

I will start with thanking Jaosn Beres and Infragistics for letting me do it.

Can you see any one tired in below photo? This was the group photo taken after marathon 8 hrs coding done by 140+ developers at Infragistics Day. Yes these smiling faces say a lot about the Infragistics Day.


It was an overwhelming response for first ever Infragistics Day. We hosted Infragistics day with the help of in their Noida office. There were more than 450 developers registered to learn – “AngularJS step by step” at Infragistics Day. Due to space constraint, we could only accommodate 143 developers in the workshop. Developers were asked to bring their laptop since it was all about “each developer is coding “at Infragistics Day.


We started the day with setting of development environment, understanding basics of SPA and further proceeded to roughly code on the following topics,

  • $scope object
  • Controllers
  • Service
  • Factory
  • Forms
  • Routings
  • Calling web API and REST services
  • Performing CRUD operations
  • Introduction of Directives


There were developers from the esteem companies like Accenture, HCL, NIIT, Magic Software etc. attending the workshop. We were surprised to see that developers travelled from far cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Chandigarh to attend the Infragistics Day. For example Jinal Shah and Dhriti Shah came to attend from the Ahmedabad.


Developers got a chance to interact with Infragistics India director Rohit Gaur as well. Rohit gave a brief introduction about Infragistics. He also invited interns starting next January.


Developers were requested to tweet about their experience with hashtag #InfragisticsDay or #Infragistics. It turned out to be good buzz on social media about the day. At the end of the day some of the developers got @csharpcorner and @infragistics tshirts and bags also.


Some of the tweets and Facebook updates about the event was like below:






Last but not least, a huge thanks to CSharpCorner team for great help. Without them it was not possible.


Once again thank you so much everyone for joining the Infragistics Day. We are planning to bring Infragistics day to your city soon. And yes thanks Jaosn Beres and Infragistics for letting me do it.


You can view photos from of Infragistics Day here

Thanks everyone !

Proud to be part of PRAYAN to Empower Village Students


Read official news here on

View more photos here


PRAYAN is an initiative of C-SHARPCORNER to empower village students. As part of their program they visit nearby villages to Delhi and provide Internet education, career counseling to students from the village. I represented Infragistics in this noble cause and joined then C-Sharpcorner team On August 4, 2015, in an event for the students of “Choudhary Charan Singh Braj Khand Inter College, Bathain, Mathura.


This event was hosted in the same school in which Mahesh Chand founder of C-Sharpcorner did his schooling. It was emotional moment listening him while he was addressing students from his village and school.


Event was attended by around 1000 students, school teachers and villagers. Besides education and career counseling by Mahesh Chand, Kamal Rawat (Scientist Adobe) and me, there were arrangement of foods for the students.


I was impressed with the questions asked by the students and especially girls students. They all were very aspired and clear about their career objective. It was great moment interacting with students there.


I am happy to see the awareness level in the village and committed to be part of more such kind of events to help students who are the real future of our country.

View more photos here