Presented 3 talks in C# Corner annual conference 2015


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Once again it was great show at C# Corner Annual conference 2015 with more than 500 attendees and around 10 speakers. I had an opportunity to present on three different topics in this esteem conference. I presented on following topics,

  1. 9 JavaScript tips for .NET developers
  2. Goodness of IgniteUI in AngularJS
  3. Onion Architecture in ASP.NET MVC application


I had the first session of the conference on 9 JavaScript tips. In this 45 min session I talked about various tips related to JavaScript functions, scope, objects, DOM etc.


I had an opportunity to co present the session with great Jason Beres. While in the session he gave awesome insight of IOT, Cloud and Data Visualization, I had an opportunity to show a step by step demo on AngularJS and Ignite UI. Jason had to say as shown in below image about the demo


My third session was on onion architecture in ASP.NET MVC application. This session went crazily houseful. During the session official social media channel of conference posted the update shown in below image on their official Facebook.


There were around 50 people seating on floor and same number of audience were standing for this session. I was very happy seeing this response.


Once again it was great show by the C# corner team. I congratulate the team for the great work and thank Mahesh Chand  sir for the opportunity.


Last but not least congratulation to all the C# corner MVP. They inspire me to get going.


I am already excited for C# Corner conference 2016.

Presenting on Onion Architecture in MVC and JavaScript tips in C-SharpCorner conference 2015

I am very excited for 5th edition of C-SharpCorner conference, which is the largest developer conference in the north India. I have been speaking in the C-SharpConference since its 1st edition, and have seen it evolving from mere 10 attendees to almost 1000 attendees in its last (2014) edition. I take pride speaking in this conference.

This year conference is happening on 4th April and around 1000 developers are expected to attend. Are you joining? Register here [Oops seems ticket sold out, feel free to reach me if you need one]


I am presenting two talk in the conference,

  1. Nine tips in High performance in JavaScript
  2. Onion Architecture in ASP.NET 5.0 MVC application

JavaScript talk is the 1st talk of the conference (starting 9 AM) just before the keynote session. Whereas Onion Architecture talk is after the lunch (starting 2.20 PM).

In the JavaScript talk, I will cover

  • How to manipulate DOM
  • Document.getElementbyId or queryselector
  • Using XmlHttpObject
  • Various JS functions tips
  • Object, Overriding , Inheritance in JavaScript

In the Onion Architecture talk, I will cover

  • · What is onion architecture
  • · Refactor existing application to onion architecture
  • · Create application from scratch adhering onion architecture

I am very excited for both the talk. Hope to see you there.

Simplifying AngularJS in 60 Minutes : Join the webinar on 27th March 3 PM India time


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I am excited to announce that for Infragistics, I am hosting a webinar: Simplifying AngularJS in 60 Minutes on 27th March 2015 at 3 PM IST.

Usually webinars are hosted in the EST, and most of the developers from the Indian subcontinent are not able to join that due to the time constraints. To help the developers from the subcontinent Infragistics is bringing this webinar. To join Register here

AngularJS is Google’s answer to client-side JavaScript MVC application development. There is no question that it is one of the most popular client side frameworks out there.

In 60 minutes webinar we will cover following topics,

  • Setting up Visual Studio for AngularJS
  • Setting up Sublime, Node, and Bower for AngularJS development
  • Understanding $scope, $rootScope, and scope hierarchy
  • Controller and nested controllers
  • Services
  • Custom Directives with isolated scopes

Register for the webinar here

Date: 27th March 2015, Friday

Time: 3 PM to 4 PM IST

Register for the webinar here .  Excited to see you on Friday 27th March at 3 PM. Happy coding.

Meeting Shwan : Great experience

Yesterday, I met one of the great of our industry Shawn Wildermuth and his wife Resa over the lunch in Delhi. For me it was memorable afternoon.


We talked lot and lot. Shwan was very down to earth and Resa was awesomely friendly. For me it was motivational meeting. Below I am listing 10 important points from the Shwan.

  • Learn while building
  • Key is to Fail
  • Be curious to learn new things
  • Rather than trying to motivate yourself , make yourself curious about the things
  • No harm in saying – I DON’T KNOW
  • If you think, you know EVERYTHING then rethink
  • Failure is good
  • Learn to say NO to few work even if there is good money in that
  • When you build, you understand
  • Only learning is not enough unless you don’t build.

I am very motivated after meeting Shwan. Looking forward to see him again  :)

AngularJS Custom Directive course by Dan Wahlin : Get discount here

I can give free access of the course to four of you. Tweet me with the course URL why you deserve free access of the course.

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I am learning AngularJS. And as always best to learn from the course of Dan Wahlin . He recently launched custom directive course Building AngularJS Custom Directives with Dan Wahlin on Udemy

Personally I find it one of the best course to master custom directives. Roughly course contents are listed below,

Section 1: Getting started with Directives

  • Introduction
  • The role of directives
  • Creating a hello word directives
  • Directive categories
  • Directive building blocks

Section 2: Shared and Isolated Scope

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Shared and Isolated Scope
  • Shared and Isolate Scope demo
  • @local scope property
  • = local scope property
  • = local scope property demo
  • &local scope property demo

Section 3: The link() function

  • The link() function
  • Building a table helper directive
  • Requiring ng-model
  • Using $parse() and eval()
  • Building a Google map directive
  • Using $scomplie and #interpolate service

Section 4: Using Controller in Directive

  • Using controller in directive
  • Replace link with directive
  • Adding controller
  • Understanding Transclusion

Section 5: Custom Directive in action

  • Building custom validator directive
  • Using $asyncValidators
  • Building Ajax overlay directive

You can find the course here: Building AngularJS Custom Directives with Dan Wahlin on Udemy.

Click on this to get access of the course in 15$ only

I can give free access of the course to four of you. Tweet me with the course URL why you deserve free access of the course.