Deep Dive Directives in AngularJS – Infragistics webinar on 29th May at 3 PM IST

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Infragistics is on the mission to make the developers better worldwide and to do the same, Infragistics is happy to host one more webinar for the developers in the India time zone on the topic Deep Dive into Custom Directives in AngularJS

Webinar is on 29th May from 3 PM to 4 PM IST

Topic: Deep Dive into the custom directives in the AngularJS

Directives are one of the most important feature of AngularJS 1.X. Using the directives either we create new element on the view or give special meaning to the existing elements. There are many built in directives are provided us to use as it is. For example ng-app, ng-repeat, ng-controller, ng-show etc. AngularJS provided directives mainly perform the following tasks,

  • Manipulate the DOM
  • Perform Data Binding
  • Attach specified behavior to DOM elements
  • Creates new DOM element
  • Handle events
  • Modify CSS
  • Validate data etc.

There would be scenario when you would write custom directives. In this webinar along with the AngularJS provided directives, we will deep dive into custom directives. We will cover following topics in the webinar,

  • Directives and usage of built in directives
  • Custom directives
  • Shared , Inherited and Isolated Scope in directives
  • Controller in directives
  • $complie and link function
  • Transclusion

To be a productive and efficient AngularJS developer one should have good understanding of the directives. In this webinar we will learn these topics related to the directives.

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11 Things about JavaScript functions every .NET Developer Should Know – Join the webinar on 15th May 3 PM India time

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Continuing its vision to make developers better and well educated, Infragistics is happy to host one more webinar for the developers in the India time zone. Usually webinars are hosted in the EST, and most of the developers from the Indian subcontinent are not able to join that due to the time constraints. To help the developers from the subcontinent Infragistics is bringing this webinar.

I am happy that I will be hosting the webinar  11 Things about JavaScript Functions Every .NET Developer Should Know

Webinar is on 15th May at 3 PM IST for 60 minutes.

About the topic

JavaScript is one of the most powerful and misunderstood development languages – but in this webinar, I will walk you through everything you need to know about functions in JavaScript, including:

  • JavaScript functions as an expression or a statement;
  • Return statements and parameters in JavaScript functions;
  • The Arguments object;
  • Scopes in JavaScript
  • Function as constructor
  • This keyword in JavaScript
  • Nested functions;
  • The call() and the apply() methods, and more!

.NET developers and those who are new to JavaScript are welcome; much of the presentation will be demo-based and we will be writing code to understand the concepts discussed.

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I am excited to see you on 15th may in the webinar. Happy coding.

Resources from workshop on Onion Architecture in ASP.NET MVC

Find resource from the workshop here

I would start this post thanking students who came to learn in almost 40 + degree centigrade, thanks to C# Corner Delhi Chapter for hosting it, and thank to Infragistics for supporting it. I had awesome time teaching onion architecture in ASP.NET MVC.


I love to teach and perusing my love of teaching on Saturday 2nd May I delivered a workshop on Onion Architecture in ASP.NET MVC. It was attended by around 50 people and we had good discussion around

  • Repository pattern
  • Inversion of control
  • Dependency injection
  • Onion architecture
  • Unit Testing
  • MVC application etc.

Find resource from the workshop here


Find resource from the workshop here

I am excited to see you soon in next workshop. Till then happy coding.

Join my free 3 Hrs. workshop on Onion Architecture in ASP.NET MVC

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With the help of C-SharpCorner Delhi Chapter , I am hosting a free class on Onion architecture in ASP.NET MVC on Saturday, 2nd May 2015. You are invited to attend the class without paying any thing. I recommend you to bring your laptop to follow along the live coding.

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In the 3 Hrs. session following topics will be covered,

  • What is onion architecture
  • What is repository pattern
  • What is TDD
  • Create the core project
  • Infrastructure project using the EF Code First approach
  • Write Unit test for data context class
  • Write unit test for repository class
  • Use the core and infrastructure project in the MVC application

Class will be hosted in the C-SharpCorner office in Noida,


Register to attend here and I am excited to see you on the Saturday. Happy Coding.

Presented 3 talks in C# Corner annual conference 2015


Read official recap here

Once again it was great show at C# Corner Annual conference 2015 with more than 500 attendees and around 10 speakers. I had an opportunity to present on three different topics in this esteem conference. I presented on following topics,

  1. 9 JavaScript tips for .NET developers
  2. Goodness of IgniteUI in AngularJS
  3. Onion Architecture in ASP.NET MVC application


I had the first session of the conference on 9 JavaScript tips. In this 45 min session I talked about various tips related to JavaScript functions, scope, objects, DOM etc.


I had an opportunity to co present the session with great Jason Beres. While in the session he gave awesome insight of IOT, Cloud and Data Visualization, I had an opportunity to show a step by step demo on AngularJS and Ignite UI. Jason had to say as shown in below image about the demo


My third session was on onion architecture in ASP.NET MVC application. This session went crazily houseful. During the session official social media channel of conference posted the update shown in below image on their official Facebook.


There were around 50 people seating on floor and same number of audience were standing for this session. I was very happy seeing this response.


Once again it was great show by the C# corner team. I congratulate the team for the great work and thank Mahesh Chand  sir for the opportunity.


Last but not least congratulation to all the C# corner MVP. They inspire me to get going.


I am already excited for C# Corner conference 2016.