Telerik JustDecompile Announced

Telerik JustDecompile is a free decompiler tool from Telerik. It is free and it will be always free


On 15 the February Telerik announced newly built decompilation engine JustDecomiple. It helps you to browse .Net assembly and decompile .Net code.

You can download it from here

What makes JustDecompile different ?

  • Simple to Use JustDecompile is simple to use and the UI is highly intuitive. So you can decompile and browse .NET assemblies with a single click. 
  • Creates Visual Studio Projects – JustDecompile can create a Visual Studio project from a decompiled assembly. So you’ll never lose another project.
  • Easy Assembly Management -  JustDecompile quickly loads the core framework assemblies for .NET 2, .NET3.5, .NET 4, and Silverlight, so loading the assemblies you want to browse is simple. 
  • Searchability – JustDecompile can decompile .NET assemblies to VB.NET, C# and MSIL. 

Working with Telerik JustDecompile

To work with JustDecompile you need to drag and drop an assembly


You can see above I dragged an assembly Calculator.dll and JustDecompile helping me to decompile that. I strongly recommend to go ahead download this free tool and play around to increase your productivity.


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