Introduction of Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone and RadBusyIndicator control


Hi there, I am back with a new post on wonderful products by Telerik. SinceNokia and Microsoft deal Windows Phone 7 and to be precise Mango Phone development is a buzz. As a developer all we want to create killer apps for windows phone. RadControls for windows phone 7 enables us to create beautiful and powerful application.



Full list of RadControls are as below,

  • · Animation Framework
  • · Application Frame
  • · Busy Indicator
  • · Bullet Graph
  • · Calendar
  • · Chart
  • · DataBoudListBox
  • · DatePicker
  • · DateSelector
  • · DockPanel
  • · Gauge
  • · JumpList
  • · LayoutTransform
  • · ListPicker
  • · LoopingList
  • · MessageBox
  • · NumericupDown
  • · PickerBox
  • · TimePicker
  • · TimeSelector
  • · TransitionSelector
  • · UniformGrid
  • · Window
  • · WrapPanel

Installation steps

After downloading you can install MSI as below, you will be prompted with below screens.



After successful installation you will have a new project template RadControls Windows Phone Application installed in Silverlight for Windows Phone tab.





Working with Busy Indicator

To work with Busy Indicator, very first you need to add below references in the project. You will find below reference in Extension tab.



Next on XAML page add namespace as below,


Now you can drag and drop Busy Indicator on page as below,


There are five properties worth discussing about Busy Indicator


When you run the application with busy indicator, you should get output as below,


Obviously you can have your own business logic to either show or collapse busy indicator. I hope this control would be useful to your application. Thanks for reading. I hope this post was useful Smile

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