A look on Database [SQL Azure] option of new Windows Azure portal

Windows Azure Development portal has been moved to new Silverlight based portal. It has all new look and many new features.

SQL Azure can be explored by selecting Database option from the left panel.


New SQL Azure portal is having very nice Silverlight based user interactive UI and many more operations can be performed through the UI. There is new database manager and it allows us to perform operations at table and row level.

Now we can perform many more operations through Database option of new Windows azure portal.

1. Create a database

2. Create/ delete a table

3. Create/edit/delete rows of table.

4. Create/edit stored procedure

5. Create/edit views

6. Create / execute queries etc. . . .

Let us have a walkthrough on various operations we can perform on Database option of new Windows Azure portal.

To create new Database, select Data base server and from Database section, select Create option.


You will get the below popup, select subscription and server from drop down


Give name of the Database, select Edition and maximum size of the database.


Once database got created, select Manage option from top to open Data Base Manager.


Accept given term and conditions and click Ok.


After Ok, you will get popup asking password to connect to database. Provide password and click on Connect .


After successful connection , you will get a cube providing all the information about the database you connected.


You can perform all the database operations from the top ribbon. You have option to create new query, new table, new view, and new stored procedure


If we want to create new table, click on New Table option from ribbon. We are creating a table with name Blogger. We are giving there columns ID, Name and Technology. From drop down we can select data type for the columns .


Then click on save button at top,


You can navigate between Data Base and Table tab. You can create and delete column from here also. Once you click on save button, you can see table listed at left panel.


At top you can see you have option to navigate either design or data view of table. Click on Data tab to navigate to Data view.

Click on Row to add a Row in the table.


After adding two rows, you can see table as below. You can add and delete rows from top button also.


Now to execute query, select Data Base tab at top and execute query as below,


When you click Execute button at top, you will get output as below,


In this way , you can perform almost all the basic operations from new SQL Azure Data Base Manager.

Windows Azure for Developers Task 10: Creating Storage Account in new Silverlight based Windows Azure Portal

1. Login to Windows Azure Development portal.

2. After login at left panel you can see number of storage and service account in your subscription.


3. Select subscription and storage account option to create new Storage Account. At top left, you will get New Storage Account option. To create new storage account click on new Storage Account.


4. Provide all the required information,


a. Choose subscription.

b. Give unique name URL. It must be combination of only lower letters and numbers.

c. Choose a region, and click on Create.

5. Now you can see storage account has been created.


6. Click on storage account and at right side panel you can see properties.


In properties window we can see URL for BLOB, Queue and Table access. We will have to use these URL to access table, queue or blob.

7. To view the Primary key and Secondary key click on View Button.


In this way , we can create a Storage Account in new Silverlight based Azure Portal.